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Why Breath Tribe?

Life is a journey back to your Self. Throughout our journeys we have noticed that breathing is connected to many layers of Life,  practices, and systems. How we think, move, feel and relate to each other are all affected by how we breathe. Our intentions with Breath Tribe are to share the science of how breathing connects us to the different layers of Life, ultimately to guide you back to your Self. As a Tribe we go back to our roots and help each other breathe through the full spectrum of this human experience. 


"The first thing we do when we come into this world is take a breath in, the last thing we do is release the breath. How you breathe in between defines your Life."



Our body is equipped with interdependent communicating systems, all sharing one goal... homeostasis (a state of relative equilibrium). Our respiratory, nervous , lymphatic, cardiovascular systems are often disrupted by our lifestyles and the impact of stress. Headaches, tension, fatigue, lower back pain, and other symptoms we usually associate as unhealthy, have been traced back to how we are constantly breathing. When we spend too much time + energy in our minds we deprive the body of attention and caregiving. Your body is the vessel that allows you to experience this world and breathing connects you to your vessel. We know the body can survive, now the choice is to Thrive.

The mind is a powerful Space, equipped with lighting-fast connections to send, store and receive information. What we constantly create with that information defines our reality. Over the years, overthinking has been at the root of many humans feeling depressed, anxious and tired. Breathing helps shift your attention from your mental chatter to focus on being in your body now. 


Through this pillar we learn more about our thought patterns, stories, beliefs, as well as, the function of your Limbic system, nervous system and the Brain Lobes. 

Our emotions tend to be the driving force behind our desires, actions and behaviors. They connect and separate us because many of us were not taught how to process our experiences and emotions. Instead its popular to cope by suppressing, avoiding, masking etc. We humans are gifted with the ability to feel, learning how to process the waves of feelings through breathing + awareness  is what we aim to guide you through. Ultimately, only you can truly feel how you feel. Now is the time to shift our relationship with our emotional realm through breathing.


The 3 pillars offer a variety of benefits like:

Stronger Immune System.

Improve your Athletic Performance

Shift relationship with many layers of You.

Body/Stress Adaptations.

Mitochrodrial Biogenesis.

Presence & Focus.

You will increase the amount of oxygen

delivered to every part of your body.

Reduce your stress levels

Recover Faster 

Better and Deeper Sleep.


" I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exists in the present which is what there is and all there is."

Ready to start training

include methods like Oxygen Advantage, XPT Performance Breathing, Wim Hof Method, PNOE Analytics. These methods complement each other in many levels. We have developed a system to implement all these powerful methods into daily life circumstances.

Methods through which we share this amazing knowledge:

In person Private sessions

Semi-private group classes

Online Video sessions.


WHM Experiences

Breathing patterns assesments.

Breath Tribe Experiences.


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We look forward to witnessing your growth! Together we will unlock your potential to reach new levels of experience and love for your life.

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