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It's a lifestyle

In a fast moving world filled with stress and distractions, we tend to forget to invest time in our well-being. It's vital to step back from the chronic noise and find strength in our Breath. We are snapping out of the fear, so we breathe and give our body what it really needs. Breathtribe serves as a safe space for us to nurture, investigate and go within. To question illusions, understand recurrent cycles and follow the roots to our core-beliefs.


Life is a journey. We are guiding each other back home to our Breath. Throughout our journeys we have noticed that many of the systems inside and outside our bodies are connected. The mainstream solutions to pain and stress tend to separate and label your systems, assuming there is no correlation. We ask you to notice the connections as we shift our lenses of perception and understand how the parts affect the whole and vice versa.  


We humans have layers and they are connected through signals, be it electric, chemical etc. That is why we created Breathtribe, to unite our understandings and investigate the systems that envelop and affect us. From this space of awareness, we are able to consciously re-program our physical, mental, and emotional world to live a fulfilling life.


We alternate and combine different methods to personalize your practice and meet you where you are in your journey. More understanding comes from seeing a situation from different perspectives.We cultivate this key idea by mixing some elements from a variety of methods. 

 Lung Health and High Altitude Training 

Understanding Human Physiology and Neuropsychology

Cold Water Therapy and Nature Exposure

 Breathtribe helps students investigate and experience purposeful living by focusing of the breath which is the connection. The results are impressive, their ability to relax on demand and perform at the highest level is amazing. 


Transform Anxiety and Depression – Optimize Performance – Improved Adaptations – Sleep Better – Alleviate Stress – Enhance Focus & Will Power – Faster Recovery – Strengthen Immune System – Mental Presence – Growth

Optimize Performance

Achieve your personal and athletic goals with a mix of breath, visualization and physical training.

Strengthen Health

Fortify your immune system, balance your daily energy, learn to recover from illness and pain faster. "calm yourself on demand" with simple yet effective techniques.

Improved Adaptations

Shift your relationship with stress with revitalizing breathing techniques for enhanced mental resilience.

diving deeper into knowing you

  You have a unique breathing pattern that has been programmed since the day you were born. As we grow up, we adapt and develop automatic patterns based on our life experiences and surroundings. Our goal is to notice your unique patterns, to understand where you are at on your journey and guide you through your next steps. How we climb this mountain is by constant commitment to yourself, step by step allowing growth to take place. During our Breathtribe sessions we explore how our different layers are connected and how to optimize each so that, as a whole, we feel our best.


Three dimensions of Breath: Biochemical, Biomechanics, Mindfulness




 The chemical reactions in your body and how they are affected by Breath. 

The function and mechanics of a living body in relation to breathing.

Understand your mental programming and love yourself in the process.

Our body is equipped with interdependent communicating systems, all sharing one goal... homeostasis (a state of relative equilibrium). Our respiratory, nervous , lymphatic, cardiovascular systems are often disrupted by our lifestyles and the impact of stress. Headaches, tension, fatigue, lower back pain, and other symptoms we usually associate as unhealthy, have been traced back to how we are constantly breathing. When we spend too much time + energy in our minds we deprive the body of attention and caregiving. Your body is the vessel that allows you to experience this world and breathing connects you to your vessel. We know the body can survive, now the choice is to Thrive.

The mind is a powerful Space, equipped with lighting-fast connections to send, store and receive information. What we constantly create with that information defines our reality. Over the years, overthinking has been at the root of many humans feeling depressed, anxious and tired. Breathing helps shift your attention from your mental chatter to focus on being in your body now. 


Through this pillar we learn more about our thought patterns, stories, beliefs, as well as, the function of your Limbic system, nervous system and the Brain Lobes. 

Our emotions tend to be the driving force behind our desires, actions and behaviors. They connect and separate us because many of us were not taught how to process our experiences and emotions. Instead its popular to cope by suppressing, avoiding, masking etc. We humans are gifted with the ability to feel, learning how to process the waves of feelings through breathing + awareness  is what we aim to guide you through. Ultimately, only you can truly feel how you feel. Now is the time to shift our relationship with our emotional realm through breathing.



“I have been training with Javi now for over 6 months and its been incredible! He has an amazing style of teaching and really connects with you. Thank you!”

Schneur Lakein

“Javier breath work is simply sublime. 

His kind and gentle way of guiding his breath work make him a wise and generous teacher.


The way he combines different technics, integrating all like a conductor orchestra master, allows his students to reach a deep and high level of consciousness as well as the physical benefits associated to his breath work. 

Through his work,  Javier covers soul, mind and spirit.


I am truly grateful to have met Javier and be one of many people to have the blessings of his teachings and guidance.”

Luis Pons, Architecture


“I highly recommend Javier 

I trained with him in a group and personally 

He is very knowledgeable and caring person 

You must to try and believe me you will never regret it.”

Daniel Tzinker, ONE Sotherby's Realtor

“Javier, meeting you is a life changer, having you as a breathing coach is a life saver. Your knowledge is extensive and your approach is inspirational. It soon becomes clear that you truly care, and sincerely want to use what have learned to help others.”

Eduardo & Max, Fisher Island

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